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    Since I constructed and posted this site about a year ago, which has more than doubled in size in that time, I have been receiving feedback about it, not only from friends and acquaintances, but also from people all over the World.  Some have the same interests as I do, and have often sent emails with a little bit of history of their own projects and occasionally included photos.  It was as a result of this feedback, and especially a request for some information from a fellow enthusiast in the last few days, that I decided to build a few pages including some of the stuff which has been sent to me.  It will not necessarily be in any order or even follow a theme, but who knows, that may be the best way to whet peoples' appetites for diversity.


2nd February 2003

    This snippet is connected with the info on the Ducati Monza Junior and came from John Sherwell, who included a picture of his American friends Benelli race replica.

    The attention to detail is very impressive - I'll bet it sounds wonderful on full song!

    It came home in 11th place at Lexington last July, on its maiden outing.  It is owned and built by Laf Young, who lives in Hi, USA and the bike stays in California, the tank and seat pan are in aluminium, the exhausts are made from stainless.  The tank was made by Evan Wilcox in the US, the engine was re-worked by Don Redmond in Californian (both have websites - try Google search until I find the URL's) and there is also a family garage firm called Vintage Jags over there, replicating C types and they have a website too.

     It's quite amazing what's going on in little workshops and sheds - I used to think it was a singularly British thing but it's definitely worldwide!   


9th March 2003

Ducati Elite


    Had a great email recently from a guy in Kansas who had seen the little bit on the site about my Elite asking if I had finished it yet.  Needless to say I haven't, there's always something needing immediate attention, but I have collected some of the few missing parts for when I start.  He has an un-restored Elite in his office (so, Christine, perhaps having the two new 400/4 wheels behind the sofa in our lounge is not so bad after all!!) and he sent a picture of it too.  If anyone out there knows of any other Elites, preferably unrestored, Sean would like to hear from you, as he would like to compile a register.  He can be contacted at:


    Ah! -  blue sky, dry roads - can't be Manchester!!  This photo of Sean's Elite took me straight back to my teenage years at the Aircraft factory, when George Button came to work on an identical (new) one, to be followed shortly after by a Mach 1 - the lucky young devil!  I hope mine turns out like this one - you certainly don't see many around now.  There was one featured back in 1996 in 'The Classic MotorCycle', owned by a fellow Yorkshireman by the name of Brian Redman.  


The Green Monster a short piece about a fantastic C type Jaguar in Germany


A Honda GB 500 from Canada



More to come - keep visiting!



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