The Life of (ex) Riley pupils


This section of the site is for former pupils of Riley Technical High School in Hull.

    We all started Riley in September of 1960 in Parkfield Drive Hull.  The school was opened on this site in 1957 and therefore was quite modern when we first attended.  The original school was in Park Street, which eventually became an annexe of Hull College of Technology.  It later moved to The Boulevard before the brand new Parkfield Drive site became operational.

    In July 2015 a small group of us had a re-union in Hull, almost 50 years to the day since we left school.  At that reunion we decided to try to get as much information as possible about our fellow pupils and perhaps get them to write a short piece about how life has been treating them in the intervening 50 years.

Geof Pearson and Chris Whitley managed to get a few of us to pen a brief account of life at and after Riley so if any other ex pupils are lurking in the shadows, please contact me and we can add your information to the list - there will be no cost to you.

So far we have, in no particular order other than alphabetical:


Adamson, Graham.

Broom, Alan

Englestown, Des

Hemmerman, Peter

Pearson, Geof

Pitts, Bob

Stallard, Ian

Steele, Richard

Taylor, Richard

Whitley, Chris.



A few memories from ex Pupils:


The day that AC Wilson crashed his brand new Singer Gazelle in the school drive.

End of term when Taffy Jones' pushbike was hoisted on to a basketball tower.

Winnie Webbs 'Tuck shop' in Alliance avenue which was a welcome alternative to school dinners - you could get a small loaf, cut lengthways, buttered and filled with savoury duck and crisps for less than your dinner money and it took the whole dinner hour to eat!

The morning that there was an accident when a Vauxhall Wyvern demolished a lamp post on Spring Bank West, right by the bus stop where we all got off to walk the last bit to school.

The time when a few of us were given 'lines' and then filched some carbon copy paper to make the job quicker and easier.  Unfortunately the missing paper was noticed and we hid it in a toilet cistern to save being found out if our desks were searched.  Later on when it automatically flushed, it left indelible stains on the urinal.


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