Suitable Kit

     This seems to be much more of a problem these days - not because you can't get it, but because is such a bewildering amount of the stuff available.  I have been along this road many times before, when looking for kit for motorcycling.  It was so much easier in the 'good old days' - you just got cold and wet!!  I have taken to wearing my Goretex Hi-Vis motorcycling jacket for commuting, as it is both wind and rain proof and just might prevent Artic drivers from leaving tyre marks on my back.  As far as the lower half goes a pair of Altura leggings and city overshoes are doing the business at the moment, but will be a pain in the warmer weather - a lot of this so-called breathable stuff doesn't seem able to cope with the amount of heat coming from lower limb muscles working overtime.




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