Gary Fisher

     This bike was a bit of a surprise to me really, as I had never thought about buying anything remotely like it.  I had decided to go down the now very familiar route of building something which I could use as a 'hack' for getting some miles in, prior to attempting the End To End in 2004.  I had just bought a mountain bike frame with sprung fork with the intention of collecting whatever other bits came my way, when a colleague in the Hospital told me about a Gary Fisher mountain bike which had been languishing in his garage for a few years, since his Son had abandoned it.  

The tyres and tubes had been commandeered for something else, but it was otherwise complete and he thought it might provide parts for my new frame - but as soon as I clapped eyes on it, I knew that I couldn't break it.  So a pair of tyres and tubes and a pair of sensible mudguards, procured from our local emporium of cycling wizardry, Mosscrops, had me on the road with a suitable mount.




    I bought another bike from his other son, to provide parts for the new frame, which Christine now has her eyes on.  This just leaves me with a GT Outpost frame to dispose of (email me if you need it)

This is what happened to the new frame and the other parts from the second bike - Christine is already using it on better days.

    For the Gary Fisher Wahoo, I chose a pair of Vredestein Spider semi slick tyres, as I will use this bike mostly on the road.  I have already done over 450 miles in a couple of months and these tyres are showing no signs of wear - even the little 'hairs' are still present on both of them.  In view of the fact that we intend to do the End to End next year, I have also fitted a Tor-Tec rear rack, panniers and rack bag from Altura and a pair of Cat-Eye lights.  I suppose I am turning this bike into a Hybrid tourer and mobile test-bed for the equipment for the big ride.

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