Bike Stories


The Hairless Bikers - Our 2010 Scottish trip


A little Taste of Heaven - 2009 trip to Scottish Highlands


Another Hornet's Nest  My recently acquired 250 Honda Hornet


My Early days of Continental Touring


Epic ride A sponsored ride of 1000 miles in 24 hours for a colleague with Lupus


The German Connection - a strange story of a re-union


…And then it rained again  - A ride to the midnight sun - 4000 miles in Norway in 1999


A tale of two Jackets - intro to Winging


 This fascination with wheels


Obtaining my CBX an obsession with Six


Why a 350 four?


The definitive Japanese Classic - Honda 400 Four


Which is the better of the two? A comparison of the 1200 and 1500 Goldwings


Front wheel clamping systems - a few observations





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