2008 Honda CBF 600SA



    This is a recent addition to the ever growing collection and was bought from my Cousin Neil while we were doing a deal on our Peugeot Partner Tepee.  He had bought the bike in 2015 after selling his 400/4 and GL1000 back to me.

Although it has already had a few owners, it has had very little serious use, borne out by the present mileage of under 6000 in 8 years and the fact that it had only 360 miles showing at the first MOT.  I'd never really studied these bikes before but it interested me from the first time I saw it just after Neil bought it.






I went down to Hull to deliver the Peugeot to Neil and having stayed a few days in the area rode the CBF back up via Sister Janet's place in Aberdeenshire and then back to Orkney.  I must say I am impressed with the package - sharp handling, good brakes and plenty of power for me now at my age.  One drawback was the noise thrown up and under my helmet by the 'token' windshield, another being the joke front mudguard designed to throw rocks at the aluminium and plastic radiator; well, I suppose it keeps turnover alive!  I addressed the first problem with earplugs - the first time I have used them on a motorcycle of any kind.  I will eventually source or make a taller screen.  The mudguard will be extended with a fender extender - well Honda, if you had done it right in the beginning, the aftermarket folk would not have got a look in - or do you all work together?  I managed to procure a pair of Honda panniers but no frames and it was already fitted with a decent top case.

A quick call to David Silver turned up a genuine set of frames and all fittings for a very reasonable 60 odd quid delivered.  So I feel that it will soon become a useable machine to have occasional trips for 'fun in the Highlands'.  As Christine does not accompany me now on bike trips, the GoldWing is being used less and less - in fact I didn't use it at all this year - at 67, perhaps I ought to let someone else enjoy it?


Update Dec 2020

Having seen a CBF parked in Grantown on Spey with fairing lowers fitted, I started trawling the Web to see if any were available; it seems that they were not Honda OE but made by a company in Belgium.  Eventually I found contact details for this company and managed to get a pair - in base black with all fitting hardware for just over 150 - delivered to Orkney!

Graham at Hatston Motors in Kirkwall painted them, the pannier infill panels and top box lid for me and this is the result:




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