Ducati Monza Junior - 160cc


    I have always admired these little OHC bevel drive singles, and got the chance to acquire one in the late 80's.  It had been used by a school group to strip and rebuild and was fairly complete although needing quite a lot of work.

I have a number of small jobs to complete, but here are a few shots along the way.

    In the parts for sale section of this site, I have advertised another of these bikes, which has created quite a lot of further interest from all over the world.  In particular, one chap by the name of Bob, from the USA emailed me to see if I had any of the parts which were missing from his re-build.  In particular, he needs the left side battery cover, headlamp, tail lamp and a clutch pushrod.  When the photos arrived, it was clear that his Monza Junior is earlier than mine and has round mudguards and therefore would probably have a round headlamp.  If there are any folks out there with those parts for sale, then Bob would be really pleased to hear from you.

Here's a photo of Bob's bike which he has owned for many years.

It looks as though the headlamp mounting lugs have been removed too, but I can help with a pair of them.

You can mail Bob directly if you can help.

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