Norton 650SS


    I saw an ad in Old Bike Mart for this bike, it said '1965 Norton 650SS, basket case, 100% complete'.  It was a local 'phone number, so I gave it a call, and agreed to go there and then to see it.  When I arrived, I quickly surveyed the pile of bits and rummaged through the various rotting cardboard boxes.  I asked where the pipes and silencers were, to which the youth replied 'Oh! they were rotten, so I threw them out'  The same reply was given regarding the rear mudguard and lamp unit.  I fail to see how anyone with a modicum of sense can describe something as 100% complete - perhaps he should become a Politician.  Perhaps he meant that the 90% of the bike that was present was 100% there!  Anyway, I carefully checked again what was there and probably due to the fact that it had matching numbers and a V5, I bought it.  I spent some time restoring it and collecting parts, and eventually it took to the road once more.

After we bought our new Gold Wing in 1988, I found that I was using the Norton less and less, and decided to part with it - I could have sold a dozen from the advert I placed in the Autotrader - perhaps it was under priced.  At least someone is now getting full use of it.


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