Three Phase Converter


    This device is used to convert the single phase 230 volt supply usually found in domestic premises, to 3 phase 415 volts.

    This means that you can then run industrial style machinery in your home workshop.  Some converters, however, have a minimum as well as a maximum rating.  In practice this might mean that you cannot run the coolant pump (small motor) on its own, but it will happily run after you have started up the main lathe or milling machine motor, provided that the two together are rated below the maximum for your converter.

    An advantage of all this is that industrial sized tackle is usually quite a lot cheaper to buy than the Hobbyist stuff, even when you add on the cost of the converter.  I use mine for the lathe, the milling machine and a pedestal drilling machine.  It has been in service now since 1988, without trouble from either it or the equipment running from it.


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