Rotary Table


This was made from a kit of castings and a few scraps of steel bar.

The table was graduated in degrees on the lathe using the dividing attachment and a screw-cutting tool laid on its side in the tool post.  The different lengths of dividing line were obtained by clamping the micrometer stop to the lathe bed and adjusting it at the correct position (concentration is certainly required for this operation!).


The worm drum was graduated in a similar fashion, but mounted on a short stub arbor, machined in the four-jaw chuck and used without any re-setting.  I decided to graduate it in whole degrees (5 around the drum) and 5 minutes of arc intervals.  This means a total of 60 divisions.


I have yet to decide about the slots for clamping the work piece -  radial slots can sometimes be a nuisance, so I might go for 4 slots in a square formation.

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