Indexing base plate for milling machine vice


There is often a need for some means of rapid indexing on round components, such as for producing bolt heads, spanner flats, squares etc.

I obtained a rusty but unworn 3 jaw chuck and fixed it to a cast iron base plate.  This was accurately machined to drop onto the register of my swivelling vice.

The clamping system uses a threaded high tensile stud into the table Tee nut, with one nut clamping the plate to the table.  A strap clamp is then used to stop the chuck/intermediate plate from turning.  With 2 scribed lines diametrically opposite each other, it becomes a simple matter of repositioning for the next cuts.


This is the clamping kit which has lots of other uses around the workshop, I bought it from Machine Mart and it works out at about 1 for each piece - you try making one for that price!


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