Manufacturing a cylinder liner for my Honda 350 Four

    When I got round to stripping the spare engine, one bore in the barrel was badly marked; it would have probably taken a re-bore to max. oversize, but I wanted to salvage as much of this engine as possible.  I emailed David Silver to find, not surprisingly, that liners are no longer available.  I decided to put my manufacturing skills to the test and make one myself.  I contacted Merseymetals for a piece of 'Meehanite' cast iron and unable to buy cored bar (tube), I had to settle for a solid piece.  This would just mean a little extra work with the boring bar on the lathe.

The operation sequence was as follows:

Mount in 4 jaw chuck

Face end and rough turn some of the O/D waste to plus 1mm dia.

Centre drill/drill to largest available drill (1" in my case)

Bore to finished size of  un-worn section of original liner.

Turn around, face to length and again remove excess stock from O/D

Remove from chuck

Turn stub mandrel in 4 Jaw to push fit inside new bore and keep in chuck.


Mount liner on stub mandrel with large revolving centre at tailstock end.( Check parallelism before this op.)

Finish turn O/D to size.


Heat cylinder barrel in oven when Wife away at shops, liner overnight in freezer.

Drop liner into barrel and allow to cool, whilst removing oil-smoke from Kitchen before imminent return.

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