These pages are dedicated to enthusiasts of older cars and motorcycles from the 50ís almost to the present day.  I feel also that I must include a section with cycling information, as this wonderful device has been part of my life since I was 5 years old.   You might consider it being a lifetime's random jottings, distilled into one location, so there are stories of trips by bike, motorbike and car and the vehicles themselves, including some occasionally useful hints and tips, which I have employed in their restoration.  As an Engineer by trade (maybe even by birth!), I have also included information on the workshop equipment which was used for making some of the otherwise unobtainable parts.  I hope to continue with the development of the site, as new projects unfold and I get some occasional inspiration.  Anything without a link will be added as time permits - so keep trying.  

There are sections dealing with Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles and Engineering.

I have recently started a small section on some of the woodwork stuff I occasionally get involved with - OK, not vehicle related, perhaps I'll have to think of another main title!

I hope you find something of interest - Ian Stallard


 It was last updated December 1st 2023


What's New?

For Sale Page - reducing the collection!

The Old School Days at Riley Technical High


Archived topics



Car related topics

Jaguars (and a Daimler!)



    XJ-S V12 Convertible

    Daimler Super V8

    XJ8 3.2

    XJS Cabriolet

     D Type replica


    C type from Germany



     Hints and Tips

    Parts for Sale




     Lotus Elan Plus 2

    The Trabbie Trail

    The Court Case

    Model T Ford Van - OK, so it's just a model!

    The Tattie Picker

    Mazda MX-5




Bike related topics

    The involvement

British Bikes



    Norton Model 50 350cc

    Norton 650SS

    BSA Bantam D14/4

    BSA Golden Flash 650cc - because my Dad had one!

    Triumph Twenty One  - engine and wheel rebuild

    Royal Enfield Interceptor Mk2 - re-commissioned for a friend prior to selling


Japanese Bikes (All Honda!)


VJMC Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club


25cc 'People' bicycle


C90 P

C125 Super Cub

CD175 Sloper


CB350 F

NSS 350 Forza

CB400 F


CBF 600SA - a recent acquisition

Gold Wing GL1000


Honda CB250 Hornet

Honda GB400 TT

Honda GB500 TT

Gold Wing GL1500

Spares for sale

Some of my favourite motorcycling roads

European bikes

    Ducati Monza Junior

    Ducati Elite

    BMW R100RT Classic

    Oil filter cover 'upgrade' on a KTM 990



The early years

Uncle George's Bike

Swaps for a frame

Raleigh Record Ace

Claud Butler

Trans-Pennine Trail

Gary Fisher

The Stallard Continental

Waving at Strangers - Peter Gawthorne's account of his End to End ride in 2003

Lands End to John O'Groats

Suitable Kit

General Restoration Tips

Touring Tips

Touring Stories

B and B Abroad


Engineering topics

    Workshop Projects and equipment

    Harrison Centre Lathe

    Adcock and Shipley Milling Machine Model 1ES

    A simple Tinman's hand Jenny - swaging machine for bevelling brass hoops

    A Sanding drum for the Pillar Drill 

    Refurbishing my Lake and Elliot Trolley Jack

    Repairing my Garmin GPS

    Using Bilt Hamber AutoBalm

    The Clock saga - by Brian Barrow


Some Woodwork projects

     I have always enjoyed woodwork ever since I was at school and have collected all manner of tools over the years.  It's only since we moved here to Orkney that I have organised the workshop to allow easy use of all of this equipment.  I am not a woodworker but I get reasonable results using some of the engineering skills I have acquired and whilst I might offend some of the time served pattern-makers, I am sometimes a bit too precise for what is a natural, ever moving material.

My version of an Orkney Creepie

A peedie Orkney Chair

Making a 5 String Kantele



From The Old Byre

     This is hopefully going to be a regular feature centred around our imminent move to another world - quite a distance from our last place of abode.  There will be lots of pictures of the new place and the work we are doing on it.  Some of our projects should occasionally make an appearance too.



Out and About in Orkney

General information around and about Orkney with links to useful sites


    Links to other sites



    Some interesting feedback from visitors

If you would like to contact the Author with any comments, or if you require any parts or assistance (but remember, it's only a hobby!), then send an email to:

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